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Illustration - Zoomanity

For this weeks blog post I decided to choose a successful illustration. I found this on on, which is a very popular site that contains award winning designs in graphic design, web design, and illustration. What I personally like about this design is the massive amount of details making this a very realistic figure. Sometimes when illustrating something you don't want something exact but specifically in this design to go away from that a bit is the use of only three colors giving it a more illustrated feel then a photography. Overall this is a great piece of graphic design!
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Magazine Cover - Lucky Peach

For this week I decided to do an extra blog post because of this great design. I found this design on Lucky peach is a six-year-old indie food media outfit from writer Peter Meehan and restaurant mogul and Momofuku founder Dave Chang is sadly a thing of the past. In this design you can see traces of deconstuctivism with the randomly placed sketches and art. It definitely is eye catching with the lack of balance. It has so much variety you cannot digest it at once and takes the viewer a few glances to see it all. Very creative piece by this artist!

Branding Design - Sakki

For this weeks blog post I wanted to do another identity/branding piece and I came across Sakki. I found this on Branding, Packing, and Opinion's website. Sakki is a national union of vocational students. It is made up of 15-20 year olds from a variety of nations, and offers support, tackles student issues, and engages in activism. Scandinavian graphic design studio Bond worked with the union to design and develop a mobile-first experience, and a visual identity made up of tilt-responsive iconography, a bright, simple and modern color palette and quirky logotype. Great piece of design!

Branding Design - AMBIT

For this weeks blog post I decided to choose another successful branding piece since we are working on that in class right now! I found this specific piece on social media going through a popular graphic design page and discovered Ambit. Ambit is a technology company that specializes in computers. This logo works perfect because of the logo's resemblance to the detail in a computer chip. Another great thing about this design is the way thy use it in their business cards and letters to make it a successful identity! Great piece!

Illustration Design

For this weeks blog post, I decided to choose a very successful illustration design. I came across this design by Janine Rewell from Communication Arts July/August 2017 Catalog. This illustration is very successful in a few ways and one of them is the color scheme. The colors chosen are a range of tinted colors of pink and purple but also some shaded colors like green and blue. They don't fight each other in the image they complement each other. Another thing that works in this image is the quality of illustration. You can see the artist put time into each graphic element to make them all come together with unity. Great piece of design overall!

Beer Can Design: Vocation Brewery

For this weeks blog post I decided to choose a different type of media design and I came across some really cool designs of beer cans and other beverages. I found this specific one in Print Summer 2017 addition. This one stood out to me the most because of the amazing pop the green gives off the white background. The logo is also very simplistic and contemporary giving it a look people can't take their eyes off of!

Women's Foundation Branding

For this weeks blog post, I decided to choose a brand design. I decided to choose the branding for The Women's Foundation. This won Best of Region in Print's 2016 Regional Design Awards. I like the logo of their foundation because of the simplicity and boldness. It might be just one letter and line but it is very powerful and accents great with the pink, black, and white backgrounds. It is exactly what a great logo should be. Great design!