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Packaging - Doméstico Shop

For my final blog post this semester I decided to choose that I like personally. I came across this piece on Branding, Packaging, and Opinion. These pieces are apart of a line-up for Doméstico Shop. Doméstico is online retailer of designer homeware which has grown to become the leader in the Spanish market. It stocks an array of items, from furniture and kitchenwear to textiles and lighting. To coincide with the launch of Doméstico’s concept store Doméstico Market, and the opening of a new flagship store in Barcelona, the retailer worked with Mucho to revise its brand architecture and visual expression. This included a new wordmark, a graphic identity of modern color and form, and material assets that included bags, stickers, swing tags and signage. Great design line-up!
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Branding - Architects Accreditation Council of Australia

For this weeks blog post I decided to choose a successful branding campaign. I found this logo on Branding, Packaging, and Opinion's blog this week. This branding is for Architects Accreditation Council of Australia(AACA) is the national voice for architect registration boards around Australia. The council runs the Architectural Practice Examination, assess overseas qualifications, collates data on the profession throughout the country, facilitates international mutual recognition agreements and provides alternative pathways to registration for local practitioners and architects from overseas. The AACA worked with Sydney-based studio Toko (In a former blog post) to clarify the complexity of their existing application system, and develop a new graphic identity. This links, alongside a variety of forms and guides, stationery, business cards, compliment slips and signage. Great design!

Beer Can - Fort Point Beer

For this weeks blog post, I wanted to choose something very clean and contemporary when I came across this Fort Point can at Branding, Packaging, Opinion. Fort Point is a San Francisco-based small batch craft beer company that references traditional styles yet is firmly rooted in the present, and has a philosophy that values craftsmanship and innovation, creativity and technique. In 2015, working with local graphic design studio Manual, Fort Point launched a new graphic identity and packaging system to unite its expanding range. Fort Point’s forward-thinking, fast-growing and innovative nature, but also its acknowledgement of traditional processes, recipes and craft, as well as its location—not far from Fort Point National Historic Site and overlooked by the Golden Gate bridge—plays out across its packaging. This is characterized by the current favor for mono-linear and geometric illustration, a flexible and expanding modular arrangement, engraved type and an unusual mix of girders an…

Packaging - Volcano at Home

For this weeks blog post, I wanted to  use something very similar to our current retail project, so I decided to choose a retail package design titled Volcano at Home. I found this piece on Branding, Packaging, and Opinion. Volcano at Homeis an ethically traded coffee range, roasted in small batches by a dedicated team and sold in 100 percent compostable Nespresso-compatible pods. The range has born created for small retail, subscription and wholesale markets. Volcano at Home is the latest venture of London-basedindependent coffee roasters Volcano Coffee Works and features dixstistinctive packaging design that draws on the science, craft and character of the brand and its products. Great concept!

Branding - Vermillion

For this weeks blog post I decided to choose a branding piece with similar applications to our project 4 and I came across Vermillion. I found this on The Design Blog and I am quite amazed by the elegance of its designs. The clean lines and geometric accents used in the Vermillion mark extend well beyond the logo and are represented throughout the print identity and packaging system. Using a bold palette, timeless typography, pattern and texture, the brand is a reflection of the fashion-forward mentality that Vermillion embodies. Great design!

Web Design - Toi Shop

For this weeks blog post, I decided to talk about a successful web design by Toi. I found this on under the honorable mentions of the 2017 best webpage. Toi is a web/branding design agency in Austin, TX. This is a very successful design with the basic use of type and bold and enriched colors to create an appealing design. If you visit the website you can see that the site is very easy to navigate making it easy for clients to use and get what they need. Great design!

Packaging - Loyal Coffee

For this weeks blog post, I choose to do a little bit of branding along with  an example of application. I found this design of a coffee cub at BP&O also known as Branding, Packaging, and Opinion. Loyal Coffee is a barista-owned and operated specialty coffee shop located in Colorado Springs. Drawing on this, the surrounding landscape, and the loyal bond that the six founders share, design studio Mast created a visual identity for Loyal Coffee. This is built around landscape references, the crafted details but geometric foundations of custom typography, and a modernity in color and in the assembly of individual graphic elements online and in print across coffee cups, packaging, merchandise, menus. Great design!